International Right of Way Association - Chapter 48

Calgary, Alberta

IRWA Course 213 - Conflict Management

February 26, 2020

This course presents specific methods for reaching collaborative solutions and minimizing negative aspects of conflict while maximizing benefits of resolving conflict.

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Course 700 - Introduction to Property/Asset Management

February 27, 2020 - February 28, 2020

This course addresses all major aspects of property and asset management. Participants will learn how to establish a cost-effective management plan that increases profitability, conserves resources and reduces risk exposure for properties managed.

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Course 901 - Engineering Plan Development and Application

March 26, 2020

The purpose of this course is to enable participants to improve their plan reading skills in order to perform their jobs more easily, effectively and efficiently. The course is designed to enable participants to improve their skills in using engineering plans and drawings.

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Course 902: Property Descriptions

March 27, 2020

This course covers topographic & property information on engineering plans, the interrelationship of plan, profile and cross-section views, the horizontal and vertical alignment of a centerline, aerial photogrammetry, place coordinates, utility line crossings of highways, contours, calculating earthwork and the interpretation of right of way plans.

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IRWA Chapter 48 is committed to bridging the gap between professionals from all disciplines who are involved in surface land acquisition.

In a highly evolving world, a right of way professional is involved in almost every aspect of life. They facilitate everything from bringing water to your tap to watching your favorite show on the airplane!

Right of way professionals are involved from the initiation of a project to its finishing point. The technical skills required by all right of way professionals are increasingly important as many disciplines are involved in these complex activities.

The successful completion of a project relies on the relationship between these professionals and an understanding of their role. Most projects require the input from acquisition agents, appraisers, environment professionals, engineers, lawyers, property managers, surveyors, public consultation experts and title experts. These professionals can be found in the nearly 10,000 member strong IRWA.

The IRWA’s specialized education and credentialing program culminates in the SR/WA which is globally recognized for its dedication to strong ethics and continued professional development. Membership in Chapter 48 provides a conduit to making professional connections needed when trying to meet the current environmental regulation or perhaps get advice on a surface rights legal matter.

Join us as we grow Chapter 48.

Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Canadian Right of Way Education Foundation.

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ELECTION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Annual General Meeting in Portland, Orgeon.

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